Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, the lat time that I posted would be when Hitler recieved the Iron Cross, Second Class in 1914 . And now! When Obama has risen to power. And when Congress won again in India. But well, politics doesn't excite most of my friends, so I step away from it.. And I'll write something else that is equally random..

Bombay is not a nice city. Its not like Delhi. Its safer. Its got more buildings and lifts and all. But these arent the only reasons..
Mumbai has not got many people I enjoy to be with.
Mumabi has not got free calls from my phone (Though most people would say it doesn't matter).
Mumbai doesnt tell me to decide what I'll be writing. It just lets me write anything.
Mumbai addicts me to fb.
Mumbai isn't me.

The moment I landed in Mumbai, via a terrible flight, I felt weird. That feeling hasn't changed since. I wanted to see 17 Again here, but that doesn't seem to be working out. My cousin and I are going to a social service thing where we have to teach Math to kids. I wouldn't mind it much if it hadn't been for the frigging rats. They're as tall as Prerna, though that doesn't say much (:P). They're ugly and black. They might just be carrying all possible rat diseases in the country.
I miss so many people. From school. People who aren't in school anymore. People from school who arent in India. From home.

Other random things are that I saw some pretty weird movies from different genres that I never though I would see. I'm being forced to see Notebook. However, I will never bend down to that. Anything to do with lovesick people or books, I'm far far away.

I wish family ties were not tiring. I wish family ties were fun. I hope family gatherings were more.. IDK.. Me.

Of course, before I was dumped onto a harmful flight, I was thrown into a car and driven around to attend various 'maternal family gatherings'.
It was one of the situations when you keep tapping your feet to cover up for the silence. It was one of the situations where you act like you're doing something important on the mobile when you're actually just opening and closing the menu. It was one of the situations where 'all the kids should sit together'. It was one of those situations where you wished you could have reversed your decision and gone to FIIT JEE anyway.

Story of my miserable life.
But I guess nobody is interested in this personal atrocity.
Shiney Ahuja is more entertaining. Tickr has funy jokes on him about him being 'Bai-sexual'. I guess we could also go back to analysing how the extent of redness on Mars and its proportionality to the radius of one of Saturn's rings has affected the Indian cricket team's performance. Of course, if all else fails, India TV could always go looking for the ROAD TO HEAVEN.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Aanchal. Prerhu. Dukky. Jasmine. Manas. Gopi. Smriti. Raech. Needi.
Thanks for making it soooo special! <3

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A star that rose
Under decreasing gravity
The angle of repose
And the crazy velocities
The pendulum that swung
And inevitably stopped
The resonance that rung
To give it all its got
Elongated and constrained
With Hooke going crazy
Stress and strain
Existing in proportionality
Friction just toppled over
Thanks to itself
Fluids running for cover
Unable to support themselves
The errors that don't cease
In any quantity selected
Trajectories defining crease
Forces being respective

A giant supervising the chaos

The constant of the spring
The displacement on the string
The ringing of the bell
The ending of a year
And it's still muddled up in our heads...

Monday, January 19, 2009


Last night, my parrot flew away. We had probably left the door of the cage open. Ironically, his partner chose to stay behind. The entire night, the survivor called out to the escaped. He was probably praying for the escaped's well being. It hopped around the cage calling around again and agin, strength decieving it. It looked up at the sky and asked for help. When the squirrels gathered up around the cage and my dog lay down beside the survivor, it didnt soothe him. It called out agitatedly. The animals lay close to it, silent yet supportive, lazy yet understanding. But the survivor didnt want to give up. It didnt want to face harshness. It wanted faith, hope, inspiration. It couldnt just sit down and loose someone it loved so deeply.
In the morning, he screeched till we paid attention to it. Even though we were sad, we soon pushed it to the back of our minds and focused on more beneficial things.
More than half the day, the survivor rebelled. It refused to eaty or drink. It refused to respond. But its rebellion wore off as the day progressed.
Sad and alone, it sat in one corner of the cage, whimpering. I felt what it was feeling. I sat with it for an hour. I knew exactly what it was feeling. I'd gone through it. Loosing someone. Calling out to the someone. Then giving it up. Pushing it back and moving on. Being careful not to tap that part. Then sitting and crying helplessly when realization surfaces. Then moving on again as if nothing happened. Looking for consolation but not being satisfied by it.
Rebellion makes you nfeel stronger but it robs you of emotion, of memories that you would hate to give up, of moments you would love to live in, of a life you think you own.
Words can never make up for loss. I'd learnt that. And the survivor has to learn it too. It needs to stand up again now. Feel his partner and then let him go. Not repenting the differences in choices. Not resenting words. It has to learn to feel beyond pain and sadness. It needs to live again, independant and lonelier.
And I'll support it. I'll help it climb on life again. That's the least I could do with my useless life...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is something really old. As a reply to something written by someone. The only reason this is here because nothing else could be and according to some people my "blog is dead". Anki isn't in here because this was in the ninth. Now that she is, she keps P occupied. :P

Sometimes it does settle in the sub conscious mind that 3 best friends is rather impossible.
So we start looking for faults, for potholes in the friendship that we can get hold off.
You start cutting yourself from the two of them. Avoid their calls. Avoid them at places you know they would be. Call up other people. Try to get close to them.
But you're feeling something inside. Is it guilt? Or loneliness? You don't know. But something doesn't seem right. Probably because you're so used to two similar faces, that its simply weird not to know them anymore. You can still break off.
Frightening, probably possible.?
So you start the ignorance treatment.
They say 'hi', you smile and turn away.
They ask you 'what's wrong', you say 'nothing' and walk away.
Keep walking till they're far off. When you're at a safe distance from them, break down and cry. Cry for yourself and what you turned your life into. Curse the people who got it in your mind. And then run back. Run back to them because they're your friends. They're your friends. They'll understand. They love you for what you are, whoever you are, and what you will turn into.
And the next time, when they ask you,
"3 best friends?"
Simply smile and walk away.
Those are the people you should walk away from.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


White emerging from pink
A painful processs
A joyous smile
Painful and fragile

Wisdom emerging from within
White for what it brings
Stationed at the back
Away and saved from black

PS: For all of you who still didn't get it...It's my wisdom tooth!! :D

Friday, August 22, 2008


A flash of light
Fast running legs
A few flights
A whole day spent

A dirty floor
With her a** on it
My poor Chem notebook
Victim that sat rigid

A desperate find
A succesful cue
The place was right
Now, what to do?

Steady footsteps
A girl on the floor
'Where the eff is my book?'
'Next to XI-A's door'

'Shouldn't I have kept it there?'

'It's okay'
'It's okay'
'It's okay'
'It's okay'
'It's okay'
'It's okay'

'Shouldn't I have kept it there?'
'It's okay'

'It's okay'

The next day
The same scene
I get back
While she sees

A blatant lie
A horrofic face
'Is she going to kill me?'
A straight face

'What about In XI-C
Late for class?
'Yeah! You can say that'
Man! We're fast (and mean!!!)

A troubled face
A suppressed laugh'Ma'am did you call me?'
A smirk, well half!

Still stuck up
Still sorry

Still ignorant
Still angry

Our absence
Caught red handed
'That was fun, right?'
'You bet'

P: I Just wish I could be there!
K: Me too.....

P.S; : I guess only Prerhu and Daksh will understand what this really is about... ;)